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Hobbit's Rule!

Agnes got to go to the East Branch Dog Training Park yesterday afternoon.
After she got out of my yard and let herself back in last week- I knew she would be fine for her first off leash run and hunt! She did an AWESOME job!! Hopefully Mike will have some photos. She stayed with the dogs, hunted independently but better yet she checked in and came when she was called.
I have no doubt she helped keep those dogs alive on Boat Mountain- going on hunting excursions and bringing back food for the hungry dogs.

She has no issues with meeting new people and dogs and she was even giving Mike GOOGLY Hobbit eyes when he went to get her back from some folks she started to stay with. What an amazing little birddog she is!! Her limp is completely gone too. I started her on some Solid Gold MSM 2 weeks ago and whatever sprain she had- has healed. YAY!! HOBBITS RULE!!!