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Agnes is making herself at home!

Well, it has been a little over a week that Agnes has been with us. She is the sweetest old gal in the world. You can tell she led a tough life until now.....

Lisa you were right, loud sounds/noises do scare her. Everyday she is more fun (if that is possible!) She loves the walks we take (the kids take her at least twice a day).

She loves to play non stop, fetch, tug of war (with Sundance our other dog, or with Delaney our youngest daughter).

She loves the doggie bed she has in the family room and is getting very comfortable sleeping with one of the kids. She loves to be covered with a blanket.

Agnes is doing pretty good with training on the invisible fence, we will probably gice her a leash free test with it today or tomorrow! We will keep you posted!!!

She is our Gift!